I am Roger Brantley, a songwriter & producer from Shreveport, Louisiana. I also work for Halliburton (it keeps me grounded, lol). People often ask about my “Overnight Success” and it always makes me laugh. I have been writing Songs for 20 years, even moved to Nashville for a year to push my songs. I had every door  slammed in my face but with the internet, EVERYTHING CHANGED! People started hearing my songs & loving them. I have worked with people from California, New York, Nashville and here in Shreveport. It hasn't been “Overnight” by any means. In all honesty, I have never wanted to tour and never craved "Fame".   All I have ever wanted was to get a call from Universal, Sony or Warner and have them say, "Roger, I would love for you to write songs for us!"  Well, that never happened so I started going into the studios to make demos of songs I wrote and getting them mastered just to get them out there to all of you! I never would have imagined I would have so much support and fans as I do! This has ALL been possible because of all of you!!  Your support is the only reason I am able to put my music out there all over the internet & radio. I truly thank ALL of you from the bottom of my heart! 


Music Brings us together! Big, little, short, tall, black, white, rich & poor!