Roger Brantley is an Award winning Songwriter & Producer from Shreveport, Louisiana. He is known for his "Louisiana Style and Nashville Sound". Roger is kinda the “Quiet Boy next door” in everyday life but when it comes to Music he is completely Outgoing, Energetic and very LIVELY! Outside of Music and his loyal fans, you would never know Roger Brantley is a successful Songwriter and Producer. Roger Brantley also holds multiple degree's in Philosophy, History, Teaching, Education, Business Administration,  Theology and Religious Studies and is an Inventor of which several patents are secured. He keeps a "Day Job" as he says it "keeps him grounded" . People often ask Roger Brantley about his “Overnight Success” and it always makes him laugh. He has been writing Songs for years, even moved to Nashville for a while to push his songs. Roger Brantley believes in "Staying Busy" and NOT focusing on negative or bitterness nor money and/or material things in which doing so is exactly when opportunities and blessings happen. After years of begging people to listen to his songs, he began to make music just for his enjoyment only and at that point is when people started contacting him to write and produce songs. He doesn't talk much about himself when not around his fans or Music crowd but he has worked with people from California, New York, Nashville and his home town of Shreveport Louisiana. It hasn't been “Overnight” by any means. In a Radio Interview He stated that “I have never wanted to tour and never craved fame, All I have ever wanted was to write songs for Universal, Sony or Warner” Well, that didn't  happen at first so he started going into his studio to make demos of songs he wrote and getting them mastered just to get them out there to all of you! We are glad that Roger Brantley wouldn't take No for an answer and did whatever it took to get his Songs released to the public. Now He is a successful and “In demand” Songwriter that is probably one of the most down to earth and humble people you will ever meet! 

For news and what Roger Brantley is working on keep checking here at WWW.RogerBrantley.Com and follow his social media links! 

Roger Brantley’s Songs are on ALL digital platforms to Stream/Download. Although he doesn't consider himself a Performer or Touring Artist but rather a Songwriter and Producer, His loyal fans Demand him put his Songs on digital platforms even when they are written for another artist or Movie. 

In Roger Brantley's words "I'm Just a Songwriter Saying what needs to be said!" 

Music Brings us together! Big, little, short, tall, black, white, rich & poor!